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The Mid-Norths first Escape Room Adventure

Enjoy an engaging escape room experience that is suitable for groups of 2-8 people. Your crew is locked in a room with concealed and mysterious challenges were using only your wits and the carefully placed items as clues, you have 60 minutes to escape.

“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.”  Arthur Conan Doyle.

In the breakout you must think outside the box. Only 1/3 can escape! Can you?


The Genie's Lamp. Immerse yourself in magic

The Genie’s Lamp – 30 minute escape experience – Age 4+ (with an Adult) up to 10 players

After a sudden crack of thunder and gust of wind, you find yourself in an opulent room full of magic. The Genie has escaped and you are the replacement. You must follow the escape route, wish upon the lamp and escape…or become the new Genies forever!

Prison Break

Prison Break – 60 minute escape experience – Age 12+ up to 8 players

Do you have what it takes to perform the Prison Break?

You manage to get locked inside a maximum security prison, trying to free a member of your team that was wrongfully accused of a crime. You have carefully set the clues needed to aid in your escape. Can you follow them in time and get out before the time runs out?

Escape Room Prohibition Bar

Prohibiton – 60 minute escape experience – Age 15+ up to 6 players

The inconspicuous bar is hiding in the dark alleys of the city. Onlyregular customers know the way, including you – close friends of Skinny Tony, the owner of this establishment. But here comes the sudden police raid and you have only 60 minutes to clean up the evidence at the bar and sneak through the back door. Dare you find a way to escape in time?”

BDH Breakout